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How To Suit Up And Not Sell Out

In my opinion, there is no age limit to wearing a band tee. 

Wear it like a badge of honor- because it is. Your favorite tee shows a piece of your heart. 

I realize that not everyone has a choice of what to wear at work, but there are small ways that you can share your identity with others in a subtle way, and more importantly, be true to yourself.

As a music lover in corporate America, representing your favorite band keeps a semblance of your soul alive. 

Read on for my top tips for how to suit up and not sell out: 

Patches or Pins: Add a subtle patch or pin to your favorite blazer or coat. I collect patches from every record store I visit. I put my collection of patches on my winter coat, which I wore a lot when I lived in NYC!

Watches: Several watch brands have collaborations with artists. This is a great way to incorporate your favorite band into your wardrobe. My personal favorite is the Raymond Weil Beatles collection. If you search Etsy or Ebay for your favorite band, you’re sure to find all different options and price points. *Bonus points- a watch is always a great conversation starter. 

Socks: There are so many fun sock collaborations! Happy Socks recently released a Bowie collection, which is awesome, and of course I love their Beatles collection. Google your favorite band!

Necklaces: Get a long chain and wear a symbol of your favorite band or lyric under your shirt. My favorite pieces have come from Etsy, including my “God Only Knows” guitar pic. 

Rock T-shirt: Style your favorite rock tee with a blazer or cardigan. This gives you the option to button it if necessary and play around with the style.


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