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The Concerts that changed your life.

   Concerts are magic moments that create memories; it's easy to say it's about the music, but in my opinion, it is about what the music and the feelings evoked in you. This is my story.  


   I've seen Paul McCartney a few times, but the first time I saw him. I could say it changed my life, Which it did, but the best part about that show was the songs and the memories. I remember sitting with my friend Stuart and telling him where I was when I heard" Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band" for the first time. The significant part about it was that he was telling me his stories as well, and they weren't much different. 


  The first time I heard Sgt. Peppers, I was 15 years old, my friend Matt and I were in my room, and my mind was blown. Then Paul played. "We can Work it out," and Although I told my friend Stuart at that time where I was when I first heard it, more importantly, I remember It changed my mood cause I was feeling down at the time before I listened to the song i

 I remember feeling that anything was possible, and it calmed me.


  Paul McCartney was always good like that, at least for me. I can talk about every song at that show, where I was, and how I felt then, but It was also about the Concert. 


  That night He played The Melotron. For those who don't know what that is, it is a very cool keyboard, and it was the same keyboard he played on "Strawberry Fields Forever."


  For those who don't like the Beatles or Paul McCartney. I understand. but this blog is not really about Paul McCartney. It's about the memories that concerts evoke in you. Where were you when a show moved you? Did it affect your life, or was it just a good time? For me, It is about memories.


What Concerts changed your life? I'd love to hear your story. 

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  • Jay,

    It’s a beautiful thing, to hear about your favorite concert experience and how the songs reminded you, of where you were, when you first heard them. It’s a great perspective, to have of the concert experience.

    For myself, I have a lot of great concert memories. I can definitely relate, to the evocation, of the memories, from when I first heard certain songs. When that song hits you, in that anticipation, you can’t help, but to be taken aback. Truly, an experience, that everyone must have.

    The first time, that I became obsessed, with the concert experience, was when I saw Dave Matthews Band, perform live, for the first time. I was a big fan of the music and yearned for the live concert experience. When I finally got the chance, to see a show, I was hooked. I loved the sound, the environment, the vibe… I loved the whole thing. It was where I felt comfortable and where I wanted to be.

    From there, I’m proud to say, that I have attended many different concerts. From a chaotic, war-type setting, of Rage Against The Machine, at The Palace Of Auburn Hills, to a quiet/intimate setting, at The Beacon Theater, in NYC, to see Ryan Adams, the diversity of these experiences, is something that I sincerely cherish.

    All of the shows, that I have attended, have left a lasting impression, on my soul. Concerts, in general, evoke an anticipation, that is unmatched. Whether it be a stadium or arena. A small theater or local club, these experiences, have a lasting impression.

    One of the greatest musical performances, was that of, Lauris Vidal and a drummer, whom I wish I knew the name of, performing a set to be remembered, at Brogues Irish Pub, in Lake Worth, FL. I remember being absolutely captivated. These intimate settings, are by far, the most memorable, to me. I cherish these memories.

    With all of that being said, I expect a Lauris Vidal T-Shirt. Look up Shoot Your Skeletons. You won’t be disappointed. Hell, it may even convince you, to stock your most obscure shirt yet! You’re welcome.



    Nick Orow

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