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The Music That Moves You



There are so many facets that go into a song. What connects someone to a song is different for everyone. It's a deeply personal opinion that you shape throughout your life.   



  • The Lyrics: For me, the lyrics are essential to a song. There are only so many topics to discuss in a song, which is a personal opinion. Love, Loss, Memories, Pain, Joy Growing as a person being young or getting older, Dancing. However, I love when I am wrong. Cause a song can be about anything you want it to be, you see, even though I think there are only so many topics that a song can have, you may think. Differently, that is what makes music so great; also, I never like an artist telling me what a song is about cause I'm sure you all have your own ideas about what a song is about. I love that.
  •  The Beat: For others, it is the beat. There are some that the beat is the most important part of the song because every beat affects their mood. Sometimes slow to chill or needed background music. Let's say for a dinner party, or sometimes it needs to be fast to get you pumped up or spark conversations.
  • Perfect Harmony: Then there are those magic songs that have it all, The lyrics, the beat, and the sound. One of my perfect songs is "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson. Another one is "I've Just Seen a Face" by The Beatles, and there are many more.

Now everyone likes different types of music, and that also plays a part. I have a friend who listens to hard-core hip hop, which calms him down. But I am going to make an opinion that all songs and beats are important even for the casual listener. Loud, soft when needed, pulsing beats when you need to be pumped up or chill, and slow to mid-tempo when you need to reflect or just calm down, but at the end of the day, music means something to everyone.


What connects you to a song?


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