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What songs do you consider "Perfect Songs"

What is a perfect song? 


Now that is a personal question, and everyone will have different answers, but in this Blog. I will give examples of what I believe is a perfect song. 


This post aims to share ten songs with you. This is just the first song, as my list is yet to be completed. Let me be clear. The chosen songs may not be my favorite songs, but I believe they are perfect. Whether you or I like the band or not. 

These songs will be listed in no particular order, but I will open with the first song that came to mind when I began this list.


Why do I consider this to be a perfect song? Some of you may be thinking this song has been overplayed. I don't know what you are thinking, But let's dig in.


Do you remember the first time you heard this song? I bet you do.

I was in the trunk of my brother's car, very intoxicated. Don't ask why I was in a trunk, but I remember that feeling. It was like the heavens had parted, no pun intended; 

  • It starts mellow with a beautiful mystic guitar picking and slowly builds with a keyboard; The intro is a minute long, which is unheard of in popular music; then keyboards come in, which sound like a flute to give it a more medieval sound, which leads us to the Verse, "There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold, and she's buying a Stairway to Heaven, after part 1 there is  
  • Part 2. That begins with the "then it makes me wonder" that glides the song into a mid-tempo that keeps the listener engaged, which evokes an emotion in me that makes me wonder not just about the lyric but about life itself, 
  • Part 3  At this point in the song, it goes back into the Verse to some extent. Now, it has a 12-string guitar which adds an emotional structure that is the slow build, which leads the listener, or myself in this case, to wonder, where is this going? 

The dynamics; of the song are very important; there is a beginning middle and an end. Every element works together up until this point. It follows a simple song structure: Verse- Pre-chorus and Chorus. If you want to call it that, 


 It is a journey cause you have to remember this song is eight minutes long. We are only 4 minutes into it right now. For the following Verse, the buildup of the music starts to grow as the drums come in.


Up until this point, it had been vocals and guitar, and keyboards without any drums. It is still building; most songs at this point would bore you but not "Led Zeppelin," not "Stairway to Heaven ."Everything is still going in a similar musical format except for the dramatic tension slowly built through the song. 


  • Part 5  Then everything changes. Playing a chord sequence that you had never heard before in the song up until this point ,but fits perfectly.  Dum dum dah, dum dum dah. It halts every part of the song that came before it, it kind of shifts the music in an inspiring way. Even though I say it stops everything in the song, it also keeps certain elements of the song so as not to disengage the listener; I am so hooked at this point I'm like, WTF is going to happen next?
  •    Part 6, And Away We go, Jimmy Page flexes his muscles. He takes the beauty of the song and brings it to the next level, it goes from a mellow song to a "rocker", which makes it epic; that is why I call it a perfect song, but this is not the end. This is where the song explodes. It is about a minute of guitar virtuoso, Which leads us to, you guessed it. 
  • Part 7.  This is where the Robert Plant super voice comes in. His high-pitched rock and roll vocal takeover, Jimmy Page's guitar playing, and John Bonham's killer drumming is the moment the whole band became one, making Led Zeppelin a great band.


I must mention this. John Bonham's Drumming is just as important as the guitars and the vocals; the drum fills are the vocals of the beat Robert Plant and Jimmy Page could sing and play all they want, but it's John Bonham's drumming that makes it all happen, so seamlessly.  


    What is so special about the song is even with all these dynamic musical shifts, it always moves the story of the song forward it doesn't deviate from the lyrical intention; that's what is so interesting about the music. It never stops being a song; It has everything: an emotional journey, a buildup, a dramatic pause, and then a rocking part with a Vocal Zenith, so everything adds up and doesn't stop. Robert Plant brings it home with the 


  •  Resolve: and she's buying a Stairway to Heaven.


So why do I consider this a perfect song? Again, it is not my favorite song, but in my opinion, it is a perfect one because it is multi-generational and stands the test of time. 


 I have friends that only listen to hip-hop and know "Stairway to Heaven." Even though they might not know the song's name or the band, they know the song. 


Girls that I know that are Millennials that don't even listen to music know "Stairway to Heaven."


 It is a part of pop culture, just like Nike Air Jordans are. "Stairway to Heaven" will be remembered like Picasso will be or Hamlet. This is my personal opinion, but it is why I believe Stairway is a perfect song; it has it all. It is a story, a drama, a ballad, a rocker, and everything in between.


  • A perfect song? For me to give it that description, it would have to move almost all that hear it with the lyrics and music. Also, no spots that bring me out of the song or have me wondering why they did this or that. The top pick for me there would be Free Bird. Great post and question!

  • Stairway to Heaven is not a perfect song, as it is not completely unique and original: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-54423922

    Also, if a song is widely known and accepted, how does it make it a perfect song? Sugar, Sugar-The Archies is known by everyone but definitely not a perfect song.

  • The first time I heard Stairway to Heaven it was probably on Q104.3 – it was always the number 1 song when they had their annual new years countdown of the top 100 songs of all time :)

  • There are SO many songs I’d consider perfect in so many genres, but here’s a really beautiful song that hits on all cylinders for me every time: God Only Knows — Beach Boys.

    James Sajeva

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