Welcome to Stitch Street!

About Us

Hi, my name is Jason Misrahi and I am the founder of Stitch Street. Stitch Street is a Rock & Roll apparel brand, that is so much more than t-shirts. It’s about inclusivity. What does that have to do with music, you may ask? Let me explain.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy that affects my lower extremities. Growing up, in my house we never talked about my disability; it was not something that came up very often. I didn’t understand the feelings that were going on inside my head, and that’s when I turned to music for comfort. The words of Lennon and McCartney helped me to find a sense of peace in my heart and a sense of belonging. As a disabled child I pretended I was like everyone else, and that served me well, until it didn’t. The music of the Grateful Dead taught me how to let go and just dance. It was in these moments with music that I felt safe, and there was a community that accepted me. They didn’t care if I was disabled, they cared if I had heard the new Green Day album or listened to the Sex Pistols.

My story might not be very different from many of yours; you just happen to see my limitations. We all have feelings, we all love, we all hurt and sometimes we feel lost, at least I know I do. The music can make the sun shine on a cloudy day (thank you Smokey Robinson, I needed your sweet voice when I was hurting) just as I needed Radiohead's Kid A before I went to the club. It isn’t all about pain and loss, it's about joy and growth, like the first time I heard Taylor Swift or the Bee-Gees, I just wanted to enjoy the sound and jump up and down because that feeling lit me up.

The mission of Stitch Street is to support communities and shine light on the people that go unnoticed, specifically people with disabilities. The disability community is the largest minority in the country. Rock & Roll changed my life, and I want to help make yours a little sweeter. Stitch Street has big plans for the future, planning to launch/support inclusivity workshops, music workshops and other organizations that align with our mission. At the end of the day we all want to feel safe. Music did that for me, and now I hope to bring that to you.

Stitch Street is a dream that I had while walking the streets of the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where I spent most of my adolescent and adult life. That dream has brought me and my wife, Erikka, to Greenville, SC, where we’re building the next chapter of our lives. Now I get the opportunity to share my greatest passion with you. I view Stitch Street as a community, so let’s build it together, one t-shirt at a time.