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David Bowie Debbie Harry T-shirt

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In 1977 Debbie Harry and Blondie were fresh out of CBGBs, and although they had already released their first album in the United States, it was only marginally successful.

No one in Europe had ever heard of them yet. But unbeknownst to them, one of their biggest fans was David Bowie, who once said, "people in the know in the industry were very excited about them."

At that time, David Bowie played in Iggy Pop's band during the "Idiot" tour, an album David Bowie produced. One of the things that Iggy Pop always used to say to Debbie Harry was that "there were no free lunches in the music business." This basically means everyone in the business will always want something from you, even though she viewed David Bowie and Iggy Pop as her heroes. David Bowie and Iggy Pop were both highly sexual beings and were constantly hitting on her, which she thought was cute but had none of it.

She also said the most remarkable thing about watching them play together on tour was how loose they played on stage together and how they weren't stiff or tight. As a band, they bounced off each other, letting the music breathe as not to make it feel like they were listening to the record on stage. She also mentioned when the band toured with them. They never felt like they were in competition with each other, which was new to the band because when they toured with other bands from the New York scene, each band competed with each other. as to outshine each other. It is something Blondie took with them their entire careers.

Since that tour, they made it a point to continuously support the bands that toured with them, whether lending them equipment or helping them like they were friends, to make the bands feel more comfortable.

She was surprised that Bowie took a back seat to Iggy Pop as they were both big stars at the time. In a recent New York Times Article, she secretly mentioned that she loved that David Bowie was hitting on her. She said they were two incredible musicians who developed into lifelong friends.

This shirt is made of 100% Cotton.

Color: White