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Frank Zappa: T-shirt

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Frank Zappa is awesome! 

Frank Zappa was one of the true pioneers of music. He played by his own rules. 

His first album with "the Mothers of Invention," his original psychedelic band, is the second album to be released as a double album, the first being Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde."

Frank Zappa did not stop there. He is known as a revolutionary in music because he has crossed all genres. His music is often satirical and very creative. 

He has written and played all types of music, from Rock 'n' "Roll "Freeform Jazz" records composed in a Rock 'n' roll format. And many other genres. There is no way to define the kind of music he did, but he is one of the most famous independent musicians ever walking the earth's face.

Frank Zappa is a polarizing Artist who are you either love or hate or are just confused by, but no one could cross genres like him. I named this T-shirt "Frank Zappa is Awesome" because he is Awesome, and the shirt acknowledges it.

I mentioned he was an independent artist, but He has been on major labels, but most of his music has been done independently and released by distribution companies alone. Because of his diverse and loyal fan base, he was successful throughout his 30-year career.

A little-known fact about Zappa is that he was adamantly against drug use but believed that it would be an excellent source of income, and he believed in decriminalizing them.

 I can talk all day about his creative magic, but what is remembered most about Frank Zappa is that he follows no rules. And when labels asked him to conform, when he did have moderate success, he would immediately go against the grain. 

He often challenged formalized religion and believed music was a choice, and people who believed in his music had a choice to listen to his views or not. But as I stated, I named the T-shirt "Frank Zappa is Awesome" because he followed no rules. Yet, he continued to tour to sellout crowds year after year.

 Only a handful of artists have successfully been able to do that have been able to do that. To me, he lives the Rock and Roll dream. He did it all on his own terms.

As a musician myself, all musicians would like to adhere to their own rules, be successful in their own right, and not have to answer to any label or person.  

He was also adamantly against advisory labels on music, as he was a big proponent of fighting the parent's music resource center in the mid-90s. I reference his advocacy below.

On 14 February 1986, Frank Zappa faced the Parents Music Resource Center, a watchdog committee seeking to increase the quality control of American popular music, to discuss labeling records deemed harmful to society. These events recorded, Zappa utilized the tapes ironically in his next album Frank Zappa meets the Mothers of Prevention. Mocking the PMRC in his own way, Zappa designed his own warning label on the cover of the album: "This album contains material which a truly free society would neither fear nor suppress

This t-shirt is made of 100% Soft-Spun Cotton.

Color: White With Black Writing

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